JW PETERS Manufacturing COVID-19 Screens

We have the ability to manufacture bespoke COVID-19 protection screens and testing booths to any size to accommodate any location. Our bespoke manufacturing service includes all aspects of design, manufacture and on site installation. 

All screens are made in our factory located in Morpeth, Northumberland. The have been distributed to various  locations across the UK working with the following:

Local Authority, Schools & Public Sector 

NHS, Pharmaceutical & Laboratories

Receptions, Key Working Offices

High Street Shopping & Hospitality.  

Our screens can also be manufactured for site delivery only, this allowing the client to install themselves without any tools required as all screens are made to self support and interlock with no fixings required. Please email any sizes required for a free quotation. 

Most screens can be made with a quick lead time of approx 2-3 days.